Friday, March 20, 2009

Fox News Belittles and Mocks the Canadian Military.

Sure some US TV shows make fun of Canada sometimes, but it’s usually in a fun lighthearted manner. This segment by Fox News however was not even close to being funny, and lacks any respect for the Canadian Military and Canadians in general.

This utter and complete failure came on the heels of a report that 4 Canadian soldiers died today in Afghanistan.

By a high proportion, Canada has suffered more in losses in Afghanistan than any NATO ally. (The US population, at nearly 300 million, is ten times larger than Canada; the UK population is double the size).

Coalition deaths in Afghanistan by country
USA: 594
UK: 152
Canada: 116
Germany: 31
France: 27
Spain: 25
Denmark: 23
Netherlands: 18
Italy: 13
Australia: 10
Poland: 9
Romania: 9
Czech Republic: 3
Estonia: 3
Norway: 3
Hungary: 2
Portugal: 2
South Korea: 2
Sweden: 2
Finland: 1
Latvia: 1
Lithuania: 1
TOTAL: 1,045

I honestly cannot believe that people watch this network and think that it is good. The segment above is part of the Fox News Red Eye Report and they can be reached at


csr/gvppiper said...

Hmm we did burn thier Whitehouse down and we could do it they knew 911 was comming(Ignorance) and did nothing about it because thier nations security is so weak.
This just goes to show how Ignorant and arrigant they are to in respect to the rest of the world. Its a shame most Americans think this...But not all are as Daft.

Gordon said...

Part of it I've seen from Canadians, 20 years ago, namely not knowing Canada had a military. There was only a few things that irritated me; 1. The belief that everybody is looking to "America" for protection, 2. Pointing to an icon (the RCMP)as though that's the only police force in the country, 3. Not honouring the sacrifices that Canada has made so that we can be made fun of...
Yes, a few fellows got together, walked down from Halifax, torched the little brown building, so that it had to be whitewashed. Without Canadians, there would be no White House. When the Fenians raided Canadian soil, the Artillery pushed them back, without using the Guns. Canada is a can do country, not a buy the book company, and rewrite history country.